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This site is for Historical purposes only. Connexions has moved to Github.

Connexions (cnx.org) is legos for education. It is a world-wide repository and publishing system to build textbooks, courses, lessons, and journals. Individual authors, major content publishers, and educational organizations all contribute. Lenses provide a way for high-quality material to be endorsed, recommended, categorized, and aligned to standards. Rhaptos is the open source software that runs the Connexions site and Enterprise Rhaptos is the software for running private content installations. Read more about Connexions and Rhaptos mission and architecture here.

Enterprise Rhaptos
Connexions and Rhaptos Development
APIs for Accessing Data
Quality Assurance and Testing

Enterprise Rhaptos

Enterprise Rhaptos enables the creation, sharing, modification, and vetting of educational materials accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime via the World Wide Web. Rhaptos' unique features of permanent versions of all materials, a simple, semantic document language, and a powerful lensing system for post-publication quality control, customized tagging, and community-based search and discovery are the engine behind a truly reusable repository of knowledge and learning. Enterprise Rhaptos allows companies and individual organizations to host their own private authoring platform and publishing repository.

Installation Instructions for Enterprise Rhaptos

APIs for Accessing Connexions Data

All content that authors contribute to the Connexions global repository can be accessed freely on the web, and third-party services and tools can also access the data programatically to build a powerful network of global information. The following pages describe how to retrieve content from Connexions.

One stop API page

This page just links to the pages below, but it is a handy one stop shopping page for Connexions API access

Accessing content, feeds, and statistics

Downloading, transforming and branding content

Software Architecture and Application Programming Interfaces

Connexions Rhaptos Development

Welcome developers. Connexions and Rhaptos are open source and we welcome and encourage development from the community. Connexions and the Connexions Consortium provide guidance and structure to development. The following documentation will help new developers get involved.

Developer Resources (Getting involved)

Roadmap, Designs, Desires

Starting Points for Connexions and Rhaptos Software Development

Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality assurance and testing are extremely important to the success of Connexions. Connexions is accessed by millions of people around the world and keeping the site healthy is crucial to continued growth. The following pages describe our processes.

Test, Release, and Configuration Docs

Using the Connexions Rhaptos Trac Bug System

Release and Configuration Details for Connexions and Rhaptos

iTunes U

More about TRAC

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