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statistics page for a course calls it a module

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http://cnx.rice.edu/content/content_statistics?objectId=col10241 shows text reading "this module gets more hits than ...." even though it's a course. I assume this is true of the rest of the courses in the content_statistics pages.

Change History

Changed 11 years ago by jenn

Still does, and, er, whoops...this page hasn't gotten updated for newlook.

Changed 11 years ago by maxwell

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I don't think it's being used at all (i.e. I don't think there are links to it from anywhere on the site). We might just want to ask Manpreet if there is a need/desire for it to be resurrected and, if not, just close this task (though probably open a new task w/ the assignment of going around and deleting page templates, stylesheets, and such, that aren't being used any longer due to newlook).

Changed 11 years ago by manpreet

What was the path to get to that page on the old site?

Changed 11 years ago by maxwell

You can get to the page on the current site by going to the URL listed above in the description of this bug (i.e. http://cnx.rice.edu/content/content_statistics?objectId=col10241). To see how it used to look, that's a little trickier (I'm not sure how possible it would be). Here's something a little closer to how it used to look: http://web.archive.org/web/20060515033810/http://cnx.org/content/content_statistics?objectId=col10241

Changed 11 years ago by manpreet

No - I meant how would you get to it? Jenn mentioned that there's no way to get to it in the newlook - so I was wondering if there is still need for that information and a way to get to it. Also - are there any other such pages?

Changed 11 years ago by maxwell

Well, that's what I was saying in my notes at 16:18, that I don't think there's any way to get to it from the newlook site. You'd either have to be special like us and have the URL, or have a bookmark to your own content's stats pages (probably unlikely, but who knows). I don't believe you can get there anymore just by browsing and following links. Which is why I was wondering if YOU thought that our site (well, the users, really) still needed that information around, since I wasn't sure if it was one of those things that you determined in your workflows/info architecture work to be (un)necessary, or whether it might have been off your radar and not considered for possible (in/ex)clusion. I believe there are a number of other page templates that we left around in the system (probably mostly for things like browsing by language, by author, by popularity, as well as things like the sky, desert, etc., stylesheets), probably just for the sake of not deleting anything that we might later need to get at quickly. None of these are accessible any longer to the average user (except perhaps by bookmarks) and don't really harm anything, but at some point we should probably go around and clean things up and remove files that are no longer in use. I wasn't sure if this particular kind of page (statistics for an individual object), though, had been overlooked in your information architecture work, or simply deemed unnecessary.

Changed 11 years ago by manpreet

Max - what I want to know is what WAS the path in the old site (see my comments 16:42)? Was it from the course main page, module view in a course, some other page? where was the link displayed that led to this page?

Changed 11 years ago by maxwell

Oh, Ok, I see now. I believe the only two places on the site from which that page were linked were (a) the number in the "visits/day" column of the popularity browsing pages (see http://web.archive.org/web/20060525055649/cnx.org/content/browse_popularity) and (b) the number (I believe it was the percentile) in the "Popularity" column on the pages which showed the sortable table of all the author's works (I can't find such a page in archive.org). I believe the purpose of the page was to give a fuller explanation of what the "popularity" of a particular object meant (in case users were confused by the percentile/ranking (is a lower number better or worse than a higher number? for example)) as well as to juxtapose that content's ranking in the two type of popularity listings we provided ("last week" and "ever"). I suppose the place that such a link would fit best in with newlook would be the search results/expanded browse pages where we list the popularity percentile in the right-hand column (that is, if it's deemed necessary, of course).

Changed 9 years ago by jenn

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I'm still not sure if it's linked from anywhere, but it does still exist: try /content/content_statistics?objectId=col10040. And it still says "module". Perhaps the action item here is to delete content_statistics.pt and see if anything breaks.

Changed 9 years ago by maxwell

Deleting it sounds fine to me. I'm pretty sure it's not used anymore at all, and in 18 months, such a page doesn't seem to have been missed.

Changed 7 years ago by ew2

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Changed 7 years ago by maxwell

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(In [35298]) Replace the word "module" with "content" in a location where it is used to refer potentially both the modules and collections. Update the word "courses" to "collections". Fixes #2022.

Changed 7 years ago by maxwell

I made #11397 for the possibility of removing that template altogether.

Changed 7 years ago by ew2

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"content" is displayed instead of module for both collections and modules. This is fixed.

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