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Attach dublin core rel relation to content so that it is findable as OER programmatically.

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Please find below the instructions for applying an "OER icon" to suitable open educational resources. I have also attached three different graphical renderings of high-quality versions of the full logo. The SVG and EPS vector files are recommended for use in print materials — The standard screen resolution files will appear blurry or jagged if used in print. Use the large format, high quality PNG version for web, print, presentations, and video.

The html provided below accomplishes two goals simultaneously: 1) It provides a link to a set of minimum qualifications for using the logo, and further explanation about what being an "OER" entails (all located here on the OpenEd site), and 2) It provides a machine-readable tag which can be detected and leveraged to unambiguously identify so-marked OER on the Internet. We will program in this capacity to the DiscoverEd tool by the end of May. Others can do this for their own sites at any time.

The use of the OER logo is currently delimited by only a single criterion, as suggested at the meeting in Monterey, which is that so-marked resources should be CC licensed. This requirement is crucial to the extent that the logo identifies presumably interoperable (re-mixable) OER. We recognize that this remains only partially true, even within the suite of CC licenses, but adhering to a minimum requirement for any CC license is a huge step in the right direction. Though it is possible to automate a confirmation process that this minimum requirement has been met, we are not dedicating any engineering resources to such things, trusting instead that most people applying the logo will meet this minimum standard, and that the broader community will be on the alert for anyone who does not do so.

Note that the code provided supplies the groundwork for additional refinement of the OER logo, including the potential to more carefully specify the underlying license (e.g., which specific CC license, rather than just CC licenses per se), include additional attributes and even quality-control criteria, and drive traffic and awareness of OER sites to the broader world. These iterations will work within the specifications provided here, so please feel free to integrate the code into your published resources whenever you see fit. We are planning to manage the conversations that will assuredly ensure regarding these issues once the logo is more widely applied.

For marking a work as being an OER, please use the following metadata:

<a xmlns:dct="http://purl.org/dc/terms/"[[BR]] href="http://opened.creativecommons.org/definition"[[BR]] rel="dct:conformsTo">
<img src="http://i.creativecommons.org/d/oer/88x31.png" />

This work is an <a xmlns:dct="http://purl.org/dc/terms/"[[BR]] href="http://opened.creativecommons.org/definition"[[BR]] rel="dct:conformsTo">Open Educational Resource</a>


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(In [27043]) Put the OER icon and message in the footer. Since we are adding to/rearranging the footer, make it more like how we had designed it for extended attribution. Refs #8592. While I'm here, use the CC logo file corresponding to the correct license version of the content (they all look the same for all the different versions) in case CC is using that info for their stats.

Changed 9 years ago by maxwell

(In [27229]) Don't add OER logo, but at least add OER link (since tacking on text doesn't require redesign) to content that renders with alternate stylesheets. Refs #8592.

Changed 9 years ago by maxwell

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I can't think of anything more to do on this ticket, unless anybody has issues with the reformatting of the footer.

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(In [27382]) Creative Commons provided a new icon for us to use so that IE6 doesn't have the ugly gray background. Refs #8592.

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There is still an issue with collection pages reading "More about this module:" instead of "More about this collection:". Thought I had this fixed the first time.

Changed 9 years ago by maxwell

(In [27383]) In IE, the logos were appearing to be a line lower than the "More about this [module|collection]:" text. Refs #8592

Changed 9 years ago by maxwell

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(In [27384]) We don't really need to get that specific about what type of content we're referring to until we start doubling up the footers (for in-context modules). Let's cross that bridge when we come to it. In the meantime, this fixes #8592.

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Specified code is now in the content footers.

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