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Changed cnx.org to legacy.cnx.org (diff)


07:09 Ticket #13383 (Can't check out collections/modules) created by Shannon McDermott <McDermottS@…>
I am trying to check out collections/modules to make updates, and I cannot …


10:49 Ticket #13382 (doesn't work at all) created by Mark Pettinelli <Xiornik@…>
it doesn't allow me to do anything to the module…
05:36 Ticket #13381 (Problems with translation) created by Roman Golebiewski <roman_g@…>
I can not save the changes in the text. I can not finish the translation …


18:54 Ticket #13380 (Flash videos do not play no matter what) created by Ray Giarratana <ray@…>
The embedded Flash videos for both of the following pages do not load or …


15:33 Ticket #13379 (Forgot password, doesn't work) created by Mark Pettinelli <Xiornik@…>
I forgot my password and the password reset field page doesn't seem to …
14:45 Ticket #13378 (Error No 28) created by Jerome Shapiro <jeromebshapiro@…>
I am trying to get to some of my old content that I ASSUME is on the …
05:46 Ticket #13377 (While creating my account,I encountered this problem.) created by Mohammed Qasim <manzoorm@…>
While creating my account,I encountered this problem.So I couldn't create …


12:59 Ticket #13376 (I was not able to create a pdf of a module in my workspace.) created by Colleen Ball <Colleen.Ball@…>
An error was given when I tried to create the pdf.


19:28 Ticket #13375 (No PDF version available for a published collection) created by Steven Telleen <stelleen@…>
I published this collection: https://cnx.org/contents/Tv-0v_27@5.1 On Feb …
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