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Branding Connexions Content Off Site

The following reference implementation shows how content producers and consumers can create a lens on Connexions with content they would like to display off site using a custom look they build themselves.

The reference code runs an independent website and downloads collections and modules from a lens and then displays them within the independent website. The code downloads Collection and Module XML, module body HTML, as well as all images and included materials, and then displays them using XSL transformations, custom css stylesheets, and custom javascript.

Sample sites

The reference code can be used as an example of how others may wish to redisplay their content on their own website. The branded look of the reference code should not be reused and is only to show a working example.

The reference code can be seen and used as a model from the Connexions source code repository here:

or from the actual SVN path here:

A README explaining how the code works can be found here: