OAI and OpenSearch - Getting Connexions metadata

Metadata for Connexions content (modules and courses) is currently available via two interfaces: OAI-PMH and OpenSearch. OAI-PMH is a harvester protocol, focused on metadata. OpenSearch is more of a search interface aggregator, whose output is an RSS feed. There is also a Connexions extension of Dublin Core that adds more metadata(cnx_dc).


OAI Verbs and arguments from http://www.openarchives.org/OAI/2.0/openarchivesprotocol.htm

Examples of use

NOTE: For performance reasons, we currently cache the results of unconstrained ListRecords and ListIdentifiers requests for an extended period (currently up to 7 days) Be sure to use the returned ResponseDate as the basis for further incremental updates


cnx_dc is a Connexions extension of the Dublin Core format. It provides additional Connexions metadata such as

  • Translator
  • Sponsor
  • Funder
  • Connexions Subject

Examples of use:

OAI-PMH Extension: SearchRecords verb

  • Optional Arguments:
    • b_start:int
      • offset into records (0 based)
    • b_size:int
      • number records returned (default 10) Magic value: -1 means whole resultset
    • sorton
      • field to sort on (defaults to weight)
      • valid values: 'weight', 'popularity', 'views', 'language', 'revised', 'title', 'portal_type'
    • weights.<fieldname>:int:record
      • weighting of fields to search
      • example: weights.author:int:record=10
      • (limits search to author field only)
      • weights.abstract:int:record=1&weights.title:int:record=10
      • (limits search to abstract and title, w/ a title match worth 10 times an abstract match)
        • valid field names: fulltext, abstract, subject, keyword, author, translator, editor, maintainer, licensor, institution, exact_title, title, language, containedIn, parentAuthor, containedAuthor, objectid


Info found at: http://opensearch.a9.com/ === Examples of use: ==

Since OpenSearch subsumes RSS, a bookmark of an opensearch search against the Connexions repository amounts to an RSS feed of results for that search, returned in rank order.