Connexions and Rhaptos Designs and Specifications

Connexions and the Connexions Consortium have been working on new models to fund and carry out Connexions and Rhaptos development. We created a "specification template" that includes the components of a fully spec'd plan for developing, testing, and releasing new code. When the code is intended for release on, the spec includes a section for Connexions to estimate costs to do final quality assurance and release management for the project. Consortium members, or other Connexions and Rhaptos interested parties can fund the creation of the specifications, and then larger coalitions can be enlisted to fund the development.

This page has links to specifications for development work that has been designed and fully specified, but not yet funded, as well as links to funded work, and links to specifications that are in development.

Model Template

Full Specifications Available

Specifications Funded for Implementation

  • Lightweight Federation among Vietnamese Rhaptos instances
    • Allow collections to include modules from other CNXML repositories.
    • Specification and Implementation by VOER (specification)
  • Mobile site for Connexions in South Africa
    • Provides a streamlined view of Connexions pages served through a proxy for delivery on mobile devices.
    • Funding for specification and development by the Shuttleworth Foundation
    • Specification
    • Trac milestone

Specifications in process

  • Module web-based editor based on HTML editor
    • Provides a web editor that looks like standard HTML web editors, but creates CNXML.
    • Funding for specification development provided by the Shuttleworth Foundation, specification written by Upfront Systems and Connexions, Connexions time funded by COT.
    • Specification (needs estimate for accessibility and Enterprise Rhaptos packaging)
  • Duracloud Services for Connexions and Rhaptos
    • Specification to connect Connexions and Rhaptos instances with Duracloud services
    • Funding provided by the CIC
    • Trac milestone

Specifications Implemented

  • Collection editor Done
    • Provides a drag and drop interface for the collection editor.
    • Funding provided by the Shuttleworth Foundation (implementation) and the College Open Textbook collaboration (COT) (quality assurance and release)
    • Specification
    • Trac milestone